About us

The company has three business units mainly:


The water treatment and commodity chemicals business unit comprises of 60% of annual turnover and hence the expansion strategy is to move from being distributors of these chemicals to mass production. As an implementation plan, the management started discussions with Tata in India and a group of foreign potential investors for the purpose of establishing a plant to manufacture caustic soda flakes; lye and chlorine chemicals with sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid as by-products.

The process can easily incorporate the manufacturing of calcium hypochlorite and Ferric Chloride. The discussions were a direct result of the DTI trade missions to India and Italy led by the Honorable ex-Deputy Minister, Ms Elizabeth Thabethe in 2014. It was after these successful negotiations that the company decided to form a new entity called “Elegant Afro Chemicals” with the core business being to establish, maintain and manage the intended chemical plant in RBIDZ.

The Plant will be commissioned in 2020 in partnership with the following:

The socio-economic aspects are close to the heart of the management.

The company has been transferring skills to post and undergraduates for the past 8years.

We also support a children’s home in Durban.